Welcome to Kiwi Landscapes.  My name is Darren Ramsden. I am the second generation of Kiwi landscapes.  Recently passed down from my father David Ramsden, Kiwi Landscapes has been in the Perth community for over 25 years.  Starting as a duo with Kiwi Gardens in the 1990's we have branched off to specialize mainly in hardscaping.  My whole life I have been exposed to nature and landscaping and have been installing landscapes for over 15 years myself.  I have a passion for creating natural havens that my clients can enjoy for years to come.  I truly consider it an art and pride myself on the longevity and functionality of my landscapes.  I enjoy all aspects of the landscape process from creating a design to installing the finished product.  I will be there every step of the way.  I have experience designing and installing everything from small town jobs to full estate property's to island jobs.  My goal is to enrich your natural surroundings in a way you never thought possible.   

Kiwi Landscapes is located outside of Perth, on the edge of the Canadian shield.  The inspiration from this landscape is reflected in my designs.   Kiwi Landscapes is well know for our work with natural stone, which is sourced locally whenever possible.

By strolling through the heritage town of Perth, one can see our projects, which are located at the Crystal Palace, The Big Ben statue in Stewart Park and the Best Western hotel, as well as our donated landscape at the community splash pad.

If you are looking for a company that has the knowledge, experience and skills to create the landscape of your dreams, look no further. We would be more than happy to create your own personal unique space.